How to Plan Website Structure for Better SEO Step-by-Step Guide

So, for instance, if you had a site about sporting equipment, categories might be shoes, and then subcategories could be running shoes, basketball shoes, hiking shoes, and so on. Clicking on it leads to the next page, which lets you reserve a spot to book Polygram’s services. This call-to-action generates a Calendly link with available slots for a video conference.

what is website structure

The route has arrows in between each destination to show you how you arrived at the current page and the way to get back to the home page. Breadcrumbs demonstrate clean categorization, and they make navigation even smoother for users. The navigational or click depth should present enough choices for users while avoiding an excessive amount of categories. Let your URL reiterate the progression of your website by representing the folder order. For example, after the root domain name, you can put in the second tier or main category, followed by the name of the page.

Why Correct Website Structure Is Crucial for Optimization

With an increase or decrease in the number of categories and subcategories, the website structure should remain the same. Keyword Research – create a separate page for each group of keywords. Pages with keywords from the same supergroup should be combined into one structure.

what is website structure

Keep in mind the following best practices when designing your site layout. That said, there are several other factors to consider to ensure your site structure is truly SEO-friendly. You can significantly boost your authority for given topics by grouping together thematically similar content. This ebook shows you how to meet customers at each stage of their journey and create compelling content that converts.

Conclusion: Get started with improving your site structure

So, let’s understand some of the ways of creating a site structure. Even if you have a small site but if you have plans to expand your site in future, having a good structure can help you a lot in the long run. Many reports including studies done by Backlinko, Neil Patel showed that even an increase of a second in page load time can result in higher bounce rate and decreased revenue.

what is website structure

— Examples of the “Goldilocks problem” in getting the site structure “just right.” Too shallow a structure forces menus to become too long. Too deep a structure and users get frustrated as they dig down through many layers of menus. Aside from that, the easiest way to create a sitemap is to use a plugin. Many SEO plugins, like Yoast or Rank Math, have this functionality built in.

Create Sitemaps

So if they can’t find a certain page, they can view a full list of every page on your site. These URLs are optimized for user experience and SEO purposes. And the cluster page’s URL shows the relationship between the pillar topic and subtopic. While this how to plan a website structure type of navigation appears horizontally on larger screens, it appears vertically on mobile. But many people buy used cars—so you’ll likely add a link to your pre-owned inventory, as well. The most common type of navigation is a horizontal navigation bar.

what is website structure

Don’t overlook this opportunity as it’s your chance to enhance your rankings and user experience. When navigating through your website, users won’t necessarily understand where they are and how they got there. Breadcrumbs will help them find the way back to any section.

How to build Squarespace rental booking website with Rentle

A clothing store, for example, likely has several categories, each with unique subcategories. After internal linking, breadcrumbs are the ultimate way to show your website’s architecture. These links show a page’s parent pages all the way to the home page. They’re typically placed above the page’s title and have arrows showing the path to the current page.

  • Breadcrumbs are the ordered trail at the top of a site that appears when you get deeper within the structure.
  • Sometimes, the website structure is displayed in the address tab for ease of perception.
  • If your website pages are linked and interconnected properly, web crawlers will probably crawl and discover your whole website.
  • You simply have to connect them to each other and to their parent pages with internal links.
  • Correct website structure positively influences search engine ranking and users’ perception of your website.
  • Categories can become too large when you write a lot about one specific subject and less about others.
  • If your website has a lot of services or products to offer, you should design a system of filters and sorting options to help users find what they are looking for.

The makeup website’s user-friendly navigation menu groups all their products into well-known categories (e.g., Makeup, Skincare, Makeup for Eyes, etc.). That way, shoppers can find the products they want with only a few clicks. Below, we’ll discuss the importance of website structure and how to design one that’s good for both users and search engines.

Contextual Links

The image below shows a basic example of how a webbed site structure can look. Because there is no set structure to follow, it can be manipulated to the needs of the site so long as it’s beneficial to the people you want to use it. Creating an orderly site structure makes it easier to keep track of the pages on your site.

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